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social-and-community-badgeA survey by Association of National Advertisers  found that 90% of companies are using social media as part of their digital marketing efforts, but 62% report they are concerned about measuring ROI.

We help clients develop their social media strategy including what and how they will measure their success.

Social Listening * Social Influencing

Social Networking * Social Selling

Often businesses are talking at their followers and not with their followers, you can not create super fans this way.

It is important that you are having conversations with your customers? It must be part of your content strategy — conversations put the “social” in social media. Creating two way conversations will increase your brand affinity and begin to tip the revenue scales in your favor.

Once you are having conversations then you can measure how you compare to your competition in the social media arena.  Measure in terms of not just audience size (number of fans, followers, pinners, etc.), but level of engagement? How engaged are your customers compared to your competitors? How many people are talking about your brand, in what context, and how frequently? This is one way to monitor your brand reputation.

As with all marketing strategies it takes consistency and time to see the results.  Beginning the conversations is just one piece of the process, but it must begin there.

Next look at the content you are sharing is it bring real value to your followers or are you simply taking about yourself.  Think about it like this if you just met someone and you can not get a word in because they are spewing all about themselves, at some point you stop listening.  Don’t create a conversation that encourages your followers to stop listening.

We begin with assisting clients in developing their goals and a client profile and from there we can then create an effective strategy for social media.

Donna Amos knows her stuff and she gets the job done. In the short time she has been at the helm of my social media marketing, I have seen a significant increase in my website traffic, and in my sales. I highly recommend Solopreneur Solutions, LLC. Lynda Houston

Donna was with me every step of the way, brainstorming, guiding and especially taking care of my social media when I didn’t have a clue. Thanks for caring Donna. Aviva Lipnick

We look forward to discussing your businesses strategy.


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