Digital and Traditional Publishing

Digital and Traditional Publishing for Small Business Owners

We assist business owners with using existing or new content into digital publishing and traditional print publishing.  This allows the business to establish themselves as the expert in their industry.

Publishing is done under the Inspired Press Publishing Company.

You Published?

Do you agree that being published gives you instant credibility? You’re immediately perceived as a leading expert in your field, a consummate Digital and traditional publishingprofessional, a person who is knowledgeable, reliable, established and respected. Getting there can be a little overwhelming. So why jump in?

Becoming published:

Establishes You as a Subject Matter Content Expert: By demonstrating your expertise, you move into a select group; setting yourself apart from non published colleagues.

Contributor to Best Practices: You are playing a role in helping advance the current best practices in your area of subject matter expertise. You are making a difference.

Builds Credibility and Name Recognition: Exposes you and your other services and products opening doors of opportunities for interviews and presentations.

Attracts Clientele: You will attract a higher quality of clientele because you are now positioned as an expert.

Personal Satisfaction: I have actually heard business professionals say things like this about the publishing experience: “It was a milestone. A rite of passage. A rebirth…as an author.” What would it mean to you?

Tell Your Story – Attract Your Audience

Inspired Press succeeds by operating within a fresh concept.  Our publishing models combine the benefits of the major publishers’ traditional approach with the affordability of self-publishing. Inspired Press makes it possible for our authors to begin with a complimentary anthology and expand to their own publication when they choose. We compete with the major publishers’ production quality and profit margins.



With a new book in the making, I was pondering over what company to select for self-publication. Then I met Donna Amos!

As I listened to her presentation, I felt I had found a great resource. I went away with one word, “Wow.”

Upon completion of my manuscript, I contacted Donna. I found her to be creative, engaging, and very resourceful. She helped me think outside the box. She offered ideas and strategies for success. She is very skilled in the areas of social media and technology.

She has a wealth of knowledge in marketing.

I loved the personal touch and did not feel that I was just another client. I highly recommend her company.


Phyllis A. Clemons