Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

It’s yet another new year where many of us make long lists of the things that we intend to do by the end of the year. Call them New Year resolutions or simply your yearly goals the name used adds no specific value. What matters is the ability to achieve the goals, objectives, resolutions set […]

No Don’t!


Stop Marketing Your Business. A little dramatic I know, but I have seen this happen so many times. Thanksgiving approaches and small business owners let up.  They practically shut down until January 2nd. This is such a huge mistake.  Now is the time to push harder.  If you stop now your business will be slow […]

Why Be a Good Storyteller?

storytelling for business

As business owners, we all have a story to tell. Why we are in business, what it means to us and what experience we want to deliver for our clients or customers? Very often, we get caught up in the notion that we must be good marketers and we head down that path of marketing […]

What Comes First the Twitter Following or the Blog

Please Tweet if you find value. I am consistently looking for ways I can do better. One of my focuses this quarter is increasing my following by 10%. Looking at how to do that I decided I had to get better at two things. Twitter and blogging. I am naturally a learner so I went […]

StoryTelling Helps Solopreneurs Sell

Storytelling Storytelling is an art and one that will help you sell your services. Use stories to express these points about your business. The target market: WHO were you serving? The problem you solved: WHAT was your client’s dilemma? The solution you delivered: HOW did you help the client overcome the dilemma? WHAT additional VALUE […]

Solopreneurs Planning for 2010

Are you preparing for a fabulous 2010? I thought I would share my planning process maybe it will help you think bigger.  Every quarter I look at my business and determine where I want to get better.  I ask myself two questions.  What can I do better? How can I do more? Those questions give […]

How Important is Consistency in Your Marketing?

consistency in marketing

What I know from experience is, that consistency is key in your marketing strategies. Statistics from the Association of Professional Salesmen and the National Sales Executive Association show that the majority of sales are made from the 5th through the 12th contact! Here is the data they have compiled about how many contacts are made […]

Scholarship to Year Long Coaching Program

You Could Get More Than $1500 Worth of Coaching and Products From Me Keep Reading to Discover How… Ask yourself, “If every major obstacle in my business suddenly vanished — right now, today — what would my life be like in a month? In two months? On New Year’s Day, 2010? “How many new customers would […]

Shiny Penny Syndrome

Do you have the shiny penny syndrome? It is difficult to stay focused when you are struggling. The most important thing you can do for your business is create a strategy for filling your pipeline with prospects. Looking for a great marketing strategy? Check out my Worskshop E-course microsoft office 2003 oem Buy Native Instruments […]