Selfcare Checklist

Selfcare is not a dirty word.  For some reason we have been taught that taking care of ourselves first is a form of being selfish.  I have a question…Who said being selfish was a bad thing?  It really is important to those you love that you love yourself just as much as you love them.  It truly is the way you demonstrate your love for them.  Think about that.

Check the items that are true for you. Each week, pick one to three items that feel important
for you to either handle or get started on. If necessary, work with a coach to implement these items powerfully in your life.


I drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.
I eat moderate amounts of sugar and have handled any sugar addiction (watch the soda).
I eat moderate amounts of fat.
I eat moderate amounts of salt.
My diet contains a high percentage of fruit and vegetables.
I do not smoke.
I have no more than five alcoholic drinks per week.
I have no more than one drink of tea/coffee/coke per day (Chocolate counts as one cup).
I get the sleep I need at least five nights out of seven.
I exercise at least three times per week for at least 30 minutes per session.

From Stress to Peace

I am easily on time to every appointment.
I create extra time in the day for unexpected things that come up.
I say “no” as often as I need to.
I have not taken on too much.
There is nothing I am doing that does not contribute to my life.
I do not exceed the speed limit in my car.
I do not watch TV, read, eat, walk or talk on the phone while I eat.
I have resolved any outstanding issues that have been bothering me.
I regularly take time out to spend with myself.
I have experienced yoga and/or meditation and if I feel this is important for my life, I regularly practice.
I take enough time off/vacation.  I get a massage at least once every 2-4 weeks.

Environment, People and Me

I am within my ideal/acceptable weight range.
I am happy with my clothes.
I am happy with the state of my bedroom.
I am happy with the state of my apartment/house.
I have set appropriate boundaries around any relationships were draining me.
I have raised any of my standards which needed raising.
I am happy with my community/support network. I feel well supported by my friends and family.
I have completed any outstanding conversations that have been worrying me.
I tell people (within 24 hours) when they cross my boundaries or upset me.
I have no significant thoughts withheld about anyone.
I enjoy going to work.
I do not worry every day about money.
I have something to look forward to each night, or each weekend.

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