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Are you using Pinterest for your business?  Want more followers? Here is a simple way to build your Pinterest followers.

Do you know if you click on your boards you will see how many are following that board. Put your boards that have the most followers in the top row so people can see them as soon as they visit your business page.

pinterest followers

Using the board widget you can display the latest 30 pins from the board that has the most followers which will direct viewers to the board when they click on it. Check out the  widget builder page to get started.

Follow Solopreneur Solutions, LLC’s board I Love Marketing on Pinterest.

Finally invite contributors to your board. This can benefit you because the contributors will share lots of pins, thereby increasing your board’s exposure to other Pinterest users and the board will be displayed on their profile which should convert some of their profile followers to your boards and if engaging enough should help to increase your followers.

Simple steps for increasing your Pinterest followers.  Small steps can lead to big changes. Share your Pinterest url in the comments below and I will follow your boards in return.

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