Is Using Social Media Bad for Business?

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Is social media bad for business?The other day I saw a post on an authority site discussing the risks that the average business person is exposed to when using social media for his or her business. If you were not aware, then yes, it is a fact, there are risks that you expose your business to when you use social media. The risks are even greater today than it was the previous day and the day before. The post is certainly sparking discussion among digital marketers. There has been heated debate about the post. But how did I find about the post?

This is interesting; I first saw a tweet by a business partner of the author. The author is an Internet marketing guru and so is his partner who had just shared the post. Social media brought his post to my attention. So how bad is social media? A successful businessperson does not run away from risks, she mitigates against them while taking them head-on. The higher the risk the higher the possible returns.

Social media is a very powerful business tool that also offers a high level of versatility and can be leveraged in business to provide a definite competitive advantage. Many businesses are successfully using social media to attract attention and new clients.

You do not have to fear social media, be strong and courageous, use it in the right way and reap the benefits. Unsure how to take full advantage, consult a marketing professional and develop a strategy. You can learn from a marketing professional who knows the dos and the don’ts of social media or you can spend the time to educate yourself about social media dos and don’ts.  Here is article that can get you started.

I often hear local business owners say that they don’t want to give unhappy customers the ability to post negative comments on the social media channels.  Negative sentiments about a brand including yours will always be there whether you are logged onto a social network or not. In fact your business faces a greater risk if you do not use social networks to “clear the air” on matters or issues touching on your business that are being peddled around by customers, potential customers or haters. Having used social media tools for many years I can authoritatively say that social sites have embolden haters but they also present businesses with an avenue to create great customer experiences. The danger of not being involved with social media is those negative comments can be out there and you will not be aware of it.  Social media is a great tool for reputation management.

Social media is just but technology, you can use it for good or evil. The amplifying effect of the tool is what matters in your business. But poor planning and naivety will do more harm than good to your business. Build a strong social media strategy that is customized to fit your business needs.

Social media is no longer a choice in business, it is a transformative revolution. Ignore it and end up lagging behind as your competitor’s edge forward. Embrace it now and see the kind of business opportunities it opens. Iconic companies in all imaginable business areas including the likes of Coca-Cola, G.E. Accenture, Oreo and NASA have jubilantly capitalized on social media to build there brands. It is time to set it right in your business; social media has something for every type of business including yours.

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