Develop Strong Interview Skills

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Strong Interview Skills

How do you approach a new prospect for your product or service? If you begin with spewing all that you do as fast as you can then you probably don’t close many sales. Do you possess strong interview skils.

What your prospects really want is to not be sold to, but to be listened to, valued and understood, they want to know that you want to help them. Think of yourself as a reporter and then do an great job at asking questions and listening.

Step 1 to becoming a great interviewer is to stop talking and listen. You should listen 80% of the time and talking only 20%.  Model someone you admire, for me it would be Oprah, she is an incredible interviewer.

Step 2 ask questions to get people talking about their current situation.

Step 3 then ask questions to get them to talk about their desired situation.

Step 4 now help them identify the gap from where they are to where they’d like to be.

Step 5 get them talking about the consequences of staying where they are and not talking action to change.

This process works for almost anything you might be selling. Using this process helps us to understand the prospects sense of urgency. Rarely will people make a purchase decision unless there is a sufficient sense of urgency.

You will know you have completed the interview stage when the prospect is open to discussing solutions. And when you have enough information to know if you can recommend a solution. Becoming a strong interviewerwill help you close more sales. Interviewing is nothing like selling it is identifying the prospects problem and sharing the value you can provide to solve that problem. This process is safe for both you and the prospect.

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  • Nicole Fende

    Donna this is an new and helpful take on working with potential clients. Getting into the interviewer mindset makes it about them, not you. Such a simple yet powerful idea!

  • Rachel Blaufeld

    Donna – I agree that LISTENING is so key! I love your points and the way that you make a business sell actually an interview — this was we really get to “know” our clients! I am going to reference this often – Rachel

  • Donna

    Nicole and Rachel, I learned this process many years ago and it really makes it easy to serve and naturally ask for the business.

    Thanks heaps, for your comments.

  • Traci D. Ellis

    Donna, excellent points. Listening to your prospect is key, but it’s so natural for me to take off like I’m in a race to talk about what I do. I definitely needed this and will commit to listening more, and asking probing questions as you suggest. Thanks!

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