Cleaning the Cobwebs From Your Business

Did you do the website assessment?  I hope you actually did the work to improve your results.  The next steps to assessing out business is cleaning out the cobwebs and tidying things up.

Cleaning the Cobwebs from Your Business

Back to cleaning things up and moving forward in 2012.  Here are a few things you should update or incorporate into your business.

1.  Have you updated the copyright date on your website, downloadable products or ebooks?

2.  Does your website have a privacy policy posted on it? A quick Google search for sample privacy policy will return many options.

3.  How about your most used software have you updated it, especially your virus protection software?

4.  Install Google Analytics on your site and put a reoccurring task on your calendar to look at your numbers once a month.   Remember anything worth doing is worth measuring.

5.  Clean up your inbox (this is a big, big problem for me-but I am tackling it) and your filing system.

6.  Clean up your computer by removing unnecessary or unused files and programs.  Think of it as cleaning out the clutter.  You know how you feel as if a weight is lifted when you clear your desktop, well your computer will behave in the same way.  I have loads of audio and video files and I routinely move them to an external hard drive on my network. I also use Dropbox to store images, docs and audios and to share files with clients.  You can get 2G of storage for free and access it from your iphone, computer and ipad.

7.  Finally, spend some time evaluating your expenses from last year.  This may mean that you need to gather all of your receipts and get your books up to date.  What expenses can you eliminate or find a better source to provide that service or product.  If you find expenses you can eliminate take that new found money and put it in your retirement fund.

Get to work and I will be back soon with a few more items to assess in your business.

If you missed the first post on assessing your business you can find it here.

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