Steps to a Brand Makeover for Solopreneurs

Consistent Branding

Is your brand just not picking up? You’re doing everything you have to do–you’re making blog posts, you’re promoting them on social media, you’re doing what solopreneurs are supposed to do. But still, it’s just not taking off. Well, the problem might not be as difficult as you think it is to solve. It could […]

How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads


So you have a business that you need to start marketing, you may not know where to start. Facebook released a new feature where you can create an ad that will appear on Facebook Messenger, one of their most popular apps. This new market means plenty of new customers you can drive towards your business. […]

February Content Ideas to Fall in Love With

January is already pretty much behind us, which means February is pretty much here — and that means you need to start thinking about your content marketing efforts for the month! Fortunately, there are some really great sources of inspiration that you can use to turn out some amazing content. As always, remember that quality […]

5 Tips for Marketing Your Book

As a 21st-century business owner, marketing your book cannot be done effectively without the use of online resources. The following online resources represent the best ways to accomplish the task. Facebook Facebook, the social media site founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, has more than 1.50 billion active users. It is the most popular social […]

5 Ways Writing a Book Will Support Your Business

Book Writing

You have probably noticed that a lot of business leaders and solopreneurs have started to write their own books. Some of their books even land on the New York Times Bestseller’s List. Writing a book and publishing it isn’t easy, but you can make yourself stand out from competitors if you become a published author. […]

Marketing Trends Solopreneurs Should Be Aware of for 2017

2017 Marketing

Online marketing (and, in turn, how it affects print marketing) can be a tricky world to begin to learn – there are many players, both large and small, hungry to take your money and advertise your services, products, books or ideas – so let’s take a look at some of the more popular marketing trends […]

New Year, New Content Ideas for Your Blog


The new year is almost here! And in honor of that, we’ve got some fresh new blog content ideas for you to write about. As always, it’s a great idea to draw inspiration from the calendar itself — and yes, that means cashing in on the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. However, it’s far from […]

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with December Content Ideas

December is a busy month, and as such it’s easy to fall behind in content creation — and with all the hustle and bustle you might even find yourself at a loss for ideas. The holidays themselves are a great source of inspiration, but not the only source you can turn to. There’s a wide […]

What You Should Know About Google’s Possum

What You Should Know About Google's Possum

Google makes regular updates to its algorithms. Sometimes, these updates have a negative effect on how sites are ranked, and at times, they mean better visibility for other sites. Google’s new update to its algorithm is no different. Solopreneurs especially need to learn how it will affect them. Since Google’s possum has been around for […]

Best Solopreneur Posts of the Month

Best Solopreneur Posts of the Month

One way to get a feel for what everyone’s thinking online is to look at the best social media posts in the past month or so. There’s no doubt that October and November have brought a wealth of information about the popular concept of running a business alone, and tons that is directed toward solopreneurs. Like […]

7 Habits of Successful People You Can Use For Your own Growth

habits of the successful

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the success of some of the world’s most iconic leaders? It doesn’t take much to find articles about the daily routines of top executives, politicians, and celebrities — all spawned from a desire to know what makes them different from everyone else, in hopes of uncovering the secret to […]

Content Ideas for November


Ahh, November. It’s the calm before the storm that is the holiday season, a chance to enjoy the last vestiges of fall before the leaves fall off the trees and the weather turns too cold to want to stay outside for very long (if you live somewhere where the seasons change, that is).  Which means […]

Solopreneurs – Learn to Curate Content Effectively

Curation occurs when you take content from several sources and bring it together in one place for your audience. The result is information-packed content that remains highly shareable on social media. Curated content can boost your sales and brand awareness and help you build relationships with industry influencers. Incorporating curation into your marketing strategy is […]

8 Awesome Web Design Resources to Get the Most out of Your Website

You could write entire books about Web Design and still only scratch the surface. But if you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to become an expert in web design, you can check out these great resources for a quick primer on some of the hottest topics.  12 of the Best ‘Contact Us’ Page […]

Content Idea Roundup: October

October Content Ideas

Finding ideas for content can be a challenge sometimes! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, to feel at a total loss for what to write. In those moments, it’s important to look around and see what’s going on — find some inspiration in what’s happening in the rest of the world, and maybe […]

Creating Effective Headlines and Titles for Solopreneurs

Creating Headlines

Viral media mogul Peter Koechley knows the importance of a good headline. His tests show online traffic to content on his popular website Upworthy can vary by as much as 500 percent depending on the headlines. “The headline is our one chance to reach people who have a million other things that they’re thinking about, […]

10 Step Strategy to Personal Branding for Solopreneurs

Personal Branding

Online presence has become one of the most vital efforts in personal branding today. Understanding the utilization of social media sites is only one way to begin establishing your personal brand to everyone from future employers to everyday acquaintances. The way that you express yourself and what you do is essentially going to determine the […]

6 Simple Ways to Vamp Up Your Social Media Profile

Social Media

The business world moves at a very quick pace. There are many factors that contribute to a business’ success, but marketing is always a huge one. Social media marketing is a key component to building a brand, making your business more accessible, and keeping up client interaction. Here are some tips and tricks you can […]

11 Content Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Content Marketing

The buzz word in advertising today is content marketing, and for good reason – the online world has quickly become the main media and advertising delivery method of the 21st century. Unfortunately, a lot of myths have sprung up around content marketing and you don’t want these to hold you back. Uncover the truth behind […]

Social Media Hacks and Tips for Solopreneurs

When you’re a solopreneur, you have a lot of work on your plate. You’re growing your company entirely on your own, so that means the weight of each department falls on your shoulders. When you’re already dedicating all your time to the company, you want to find the unnecessary components and cut them out. Unfortunately, […]

Productivity Hacks and Tips for Solopreneurs

Productivity Hacks and Tips for Solopreneurs

Being a solopreneur is rewarding, as the amount of money you earn is often directly related to the amount of time you put into building your business. Despite the lack of distractions from the office, though, many solopreneurs struggle to push away all of the distractions of everyday life, including chores, TV, text messages and […]

What Role Does Infographics Play in Marketing Strategy

What Role Does Infographics Play in Marketing Strategy

Infographics began making their rounds over the web a few years ago and have steadily picked up popularity. Their unique and customizable nature, combined with their stylish design make them a great addition to any marketing strategy. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and give your company a voice and personality on the web, […]

Social Media Strategy: Starter Guide for Solopreneurs

Social Media Strategy Starter Guide for Solopreneurs-2

Social media is absolutely essential for businesses in 2016. But starting out on social media is certainly not easy. In fact, unless you come at with a strategy in mind, your efforts will very likely fail. However, with a proper social media strategy in place, you can take control of your web presence, increase your […]

Use Google Tag Manager to Simplify Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Google Tag Manager

Data is everything in marketing. We live in the age of information — there’s so much data, and so much of it is readily accessible if you’re willing to just reach out and ask for it. This is especially true in digital marketing, where software can track just about any kind of metric you can […]

10 Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

infographic tools

Solopreneurs should create your own infographics giving you one more way to share your content.  Information can be presented in many different ways. The challenge is presenting the data in a manner that allows you to capture the audience’s attention. If you are simply showing numbers and statistics on the page, it won’t take very long […]

How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads help solopreneurs interact with their target markets specifically on mobile devices. With two taps you can gather contact information. Allowing you to build leads for your solopreneur business. Whether solopreneurs want to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event or more information about their product, lead ads […]

Solopreneur’s Ultimate Tools List

get stencil

I know…. You are probably like me, when you have a task to do you look for the most efficient method to tackle it. When you are growing a solopreneur business don’t do it the hard way. Find the tools that will make your job easier and make you more efficient. This is a list of the […]

Get Inspired to Write Your Book

Get inspired to write your book

Many people have dreams of writing a book someday, but it is difficult to get started. You have broken ideas, many of which make no sense, you have little time to devote to the task, and you have a hard time getting started in the first place. If you want to write a book, how […]

The Buyer’s Journey and How to Use It to Find Customers

Before we dig into the buyer’s journey we need to understand exactly who your buyers are. This begins with identifying the personas/avatars for each prospect/customer for our business. Without this first step you can’t possibly develop a great buyer’s journey and content strategy that supports it. So do the work. Through understanding your buyers problem […]

5 Powerful New Facebook Features to Revitalize Your Solopreneur Marketing

facebook solopreneur marketing

Facebook’s big developer conference, F8, has come and gone, with the announcement of several new features, many of which targeted at marketers who want to reach the original social network’s massive user base. As of the end of Q1 2016, Facebook reported 1.65 billion users monthly, with a whopping 91% of them accessing the platform […]

6 Tips for Using Periscope to Grow Your Business

With more people using their mobile devices, specifically their smartphones, to search for the products and services they want, it is important to have a strong digital marketing strategy. While your main website should be responsive so it can be viewed on any device that can access the Internet, it is also important to use […]

Instagram Strategies for Building Your Business

In order to have a strong Internet presence, your business should open social media accounts to help promote the products or services it offers. You can reach out to millions of potential customers around the world by having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Especially if you have a small, local business, […]

How to Become a Published Author to Build Your Business

One way to promote your business is to add a blog to your website. You can use blog posts to introduce new products or services, explain how to operate products or explain the benefits of your services to readers. Publishing a blog is only one way to promote your business through the written word. Becoming […]

Why and How to Use Flipboard to Promote Content

Why and How to Use Flipboard to Promote Content

Today there is a never-ending list of ways to expose your content to a larger market. Let’s look at Why and How to Use Flipboard to Promote Content. It may or may not be a good solution for your business. The Flipboard app delivers social media aggregation data in a magazine-style presentation. Many people enjoy having […]

Advanced Social Media Strategies

Interpersonal connectivity is more ubiquitous today than ever before. You can reach someone through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, email, or even a good old-fashioned phone call. This unprecedented rate of connectivity means that businesses all over the world are turning to social media as a means of connecting with their extant audience and establishing connections with […]

Social Media Strategies for Digital Marketing Novices

Social media has provided brands, businesses, and companies all over the world with the opportunity to engage with their target market on a scale never before accomplished in the physical world. Even the newest solopreneurs stand to benefit from sound social media strategies, but often the world of digital marketing can seem crowded, flooded with buzzwords, and […]

Best SEO Practices for 2016

best seo practices for 2016

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of optimizing your web pages for search engine results. The world’s biggest and most widely used search engines change their algorithms regularly, so staying on top of trends and ahead of the curve is vital to maintaining your business’s competitive edge. As we stride boldly into 2016, […]

How Solopreneurs Can Increase Productivity

goals and productivity

The term “solopreneur” is starting to gain traction in modern business jargon. Put simply, it’s a portmanteau, or etymological blend, of the words “solo” and “entrepreneur.” Essentially, a solopreneur is an entrepreneur, or savvy business person, who is, at this stage in their career, mostly working alone or for themselves. I became a real solopreneur […]

The Ten Rules of Website Typography

The Ten Rules of Website Typography

Website typography is a critical component of good web design. It’s always been a prevalent factor in any design consideration – think back to old-fashioned movie advertisements and the big, garish lettering they used to use – but, with more people looking to the Internet for answers and services than ever, great typography can make […]

The Best Tools for Selecting Website Colors

website colors

Building a new website or rebuilding an existing one choosing the right colors for your website design could be a challenge. Let’s look at some of the best tools for selecting website colors. For as long as businesses have been advertising themselves in an attempt to further ply their trade, advertisement design has been a […]

Why You Need Online Marketing Services to Stand Out

online marketing

Written by Jovan Shabazz of owner of shabazz publication | online digital marketing Now more than ever, the Web is a valuable source to raise brand awareness, increase sales, and gain traffic. Every day mom and pop shops are turning into global enterprises gaining attention from buyers all over the globe. Sites are going from […]

How to Launch a Remarkably Effective Website

How to Launch a Remarkably Effective Website

Ready to launch a new remarkably effective website? There are so many decisions to make, and key steps that you shouldn’t overlook if you want to really define yourself and draw in traffic. Do you have a logo? If not, that’s the first place to start. It is a critical piece of your brand image. […]

How to Measure Social Media Results in a Few Simple Steps

Most solopreneurs today use social media to promote and market their business. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn are perfect marketing tools and produce all the right results for a solo business owner. That being said, how do you measure the success of each of these sites? How do you know which marketing […]

Power Words Can Change Your Sales Results

power words

10 Power Words to Forever Change Your Sales Results Written by Andre Jankowitz of During my sales training seminars, I often talk about power words and, more often than not, someone pops up and asks:” What the heck are power words?” Probably someone among you, guys, knows the answer.reading an US white paper on a survey from a well […]

Easy Marketing Launch Checklist for New Online Store Owners

Your new online store just went live. You placed a test order yourself. Everything went smoothly. This is a big milestone. Now it’s time to figure out how to make sure your second order isn’t also from you. You need customers for your new online store. So, you ask the million dollar question. Where do […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are a few facts you may not know about this wonderful day where we give thanks for all that we have in our lives. “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” Jeff Miller I am eternally thankful for those who have fought and continue to […]

Help I am Stuck & Need Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideas

When was the last time you sat in front of the computer screen and drew a blank. You want to write a new blog post but just can’t generate the ideas, this is when you say to yourself “I wish I had developed that editorial calendar“. But you have not so now you are faced […]

Interviewed for the Traffic and Leads Podcast

Recently I was interviewed by One Click Lindsey for her podcast Traffic and Leads. Lindsey has a great format and her content is very informative. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to her podcast on iTunes. Once you have listened to a couple of her podcasts help her out by reviewing her podcast, once […]

How Important Is Taking Action?

real raw relevant

The key to success in business is being willing to take action when necessary. And when you don’t hesitate, the rewards pay off. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting and assisting a young professional, Ashton L. Wilson. Ashton is an author, speaker, and youth intervention coach who helps young men to become their […]

Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

content marketing

This past week I have been listening to Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and it has me thinking differently about my content. Joe shares several stories about how content marketing has been responsible for turning businesses large and small around. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, […]