Automated Follow-up

Why would you consider an automated follow up system?

automated follow upLet’s look at how we shop for services and products to answer that question. We begin our research online and hit several websites. A few of those sites will successfully capture our email address by offering us something we see value in. The others we will never visit again; honestly many websites have more than 50% of visitors to never move past the home page and leave within seconds never to return.

Now those few sites that captured our contact information need to communicate with us several times sharing their knowledge and value so that when we are ready to make the purchase they are top of mind.  Statistically consumers must see a message in various forms 8-12 times prior to making a buying decision.

You can’t possibly stay in touch on a weekly basis with ever lead that comes your way. Which is exactly why you need a system that will allow you to do so.

It’s just the reality of owning a business. We do not spend enough time following up with potential clients, customers, and those interested in possibly doing business with us.

What’s worse is most of us do not follow up with their current or past customers either! You know you are leaving money on the table right?

Ok, our goal is not to make you feel bad. We can help you in this department. We can assist you with a variety of automated follow up systems to help you do a better job of keeping in touch with those you need to be keeping in touch with (hint, everyone you meet).

We use technology to implement responsive, targeted, effective, and personal follow ups for you and your business. The return on investment is HUGE and you can go to sleep knowing that robots (and us) are working hard for you around the clock.

We look forward to assisting you with your automated follow up systems and email campaigns, until then grab our free template for how to develop your first six messages simply.