• Content

    Content that is relevant and value added for your visitors is an important element of an effective online presence. We assist clients in developing an editorial calendar and craft content that attracts their target … More

  • Consulting

    Sometimes business owners just need to get a second set of eyes to review their current strategies and opportunities for growth.  Working with clients to help them define their next steps is inspiring and rewarding. … More

  • Coaching

    Hiring a coach is what savvy business owners who want to challenge themselves - improving their game all of the time.  Owners that know they can do more and need a partner to join the mix.  Accountability, feedback, … More

  • Training

    Need a speaker or trainer for your sales team, association or organization?  Donna is a seasoned trainer.  If you need sales or marketing brought to your organization and presented in a fun and easy to understand manner. … More

  • Social Media

    Social Media has become an essential piece for every business marketing plan.  Selecting the appropriate channels that your business should be involved is sometimes easier said than done. … More

    Social Media
  • Strategy

    A good marketing plan integrates a clients online marketing with their offline marketing.  We assist clients with developing a strategy that has the target market and client profile at the center of it. Developing a … More

  • Design

    Website design is just step one.  What you do with that website is what really matters.  We help you think about strategy, content, SEO and more.  All incorporated together to deliver the results you are looking for. … More

We provide solopreneurs and small business owners effective internet marketing services at an affordable price. From social media management, mobile marketing, publishing and website development we assist our clients with consulting and coaching to strategize the most effective plan to move their business forward.

Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if we are a good fit for your small business.

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solopreneur marketing strategy

Marketing Tips for ‘Solopreneurs’ in 2014

Solo business owners, particularly those maintaining a blog or site as part of their work, face several challenges. It is hard enough to be a “solopreneur,” but add in the evolving demands of social media and search engine optimization and it becomes clear there is a lot to focus on here. Try a few marketing […]

reasons to have a mobile website

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

If you are responsible for marketing your business, then there’s no doubt you are aware of just how important it is that you have a strong presence online. There are many ways of developing this presence, from social media sites to blogs, and you should be taking advantage of all of them. One of the […]